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Here at Flow-Turn, we manufacture and distribute Chain-Turns. Some advantages for using a Chain-Turn is that they can help in maintaining a certain gap when sorting items as well as preventing smaller items from falling in-between motors.

Flow-Turn’s Chain-Turns are of the highest quality. They are one of the only curves tested for an accelerated life span by going through a 1 million cycle test. There is no wear of the belt, chain, or track as well as no increased sound emission. The chain cover is easy to access. It is one piece with a finger and end guard. It also has only one lacing.

Flow-Turn’s excellent customer service is due in part to our efficient and committed delivery times of Chain-Turns and replacement parts for our customers. Any curve conveyor orders with small quantities between 1-3 units can be delivered within 2 weeks of order date. Common belt types are in stock and can be shipped the same day as well as any replacement part. Contact Flow-Turn today to see how we can help you with your power conveyor needs.