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Chicago, PROMAT, April 2017……Flow-Turn, a global manufacturer of innovative powered belt curves and spirals, announces its new Square-Turn Belt Curve product line. The Square-Turn Belt Curve is designed to allow a horizontal small radius end pulley to address the positive transfer of small products. It utilizes a very small diameter straight end pulley of 2” or 2 ½” inches, thereby, eliminating the typical gap with the tapered pulley. This small gap produces a smooth, predictable transfer to the takeaway conveyor no matter where your item is on the curve. Unique to Square-Turn is the fact that it is a positive drive with low belt tension utilizing Flow-Turn’s proven chain curve technology. This is no light-duty curve so our customers can be assured that the Square-Turn will be reliable and capable of transporting heavy items.

Square-Turn offers two formats depending on your needs:

1. The first option, a horizontal end pulley of 2” diameter extends the entire face of the curve. The chain is mounted inverted and results in a smooth transfer of the product to the takeaway conveyor. Speed ratings are up to 400 fpm. 2. The second option, a horizontal end pulley of 2 ½” diameter extends the entire face of the curve. The chain drive is deployed in the typical manner, as with our other chain curves, but has an extended chain guard protruding ½” past the end of the curve. Speed ratings are up to 600 fpm.

Flow-Turn, a USA based manufacturer with more than 40 years’ experience in the design and build of belted powered Curve Conveyors, provides products for all types of applications from small production systems to large industrial warehouses.

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For more information contact Hermann Miedel at 908-687-3225.